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Welcome to Tally Ho Fine Art and Antiques

Here at our period premises in the heart of Suffolk we offer a mix of fine art, antiques, garden furniture and ornaments as well as a wide selection of collectibles. We welcome trade and retail buyers alike and our stock is carefully selected to appeal to all tastes and pockets. Below are just a few of the items we have in stock. To see more just click the ‘Stock’ button at the top of this page.

Anthony John Gray, born 1946 - Acrylic on Canvas

‘Surrealist View of a Nude Young Woman by the Seashore’

Price £1695.00

Ludwig Koch (Austrian 1866 - 1934)

'At the Horse Fair'

Price £565.00

Christopher Hollick

'Heavy Horses'

Price £195.00

Circa 1800 Norwich School

'Returning from Market'

Price £865.00

Harold Knight (1874 - 1961) Oil on Canvas.

'Portrait of a Young Woman Seated'

Price £7500.00

Harold Knight (1874 - 1961) Charcoal on Board.

'Head and Shoulder Portrait of Young Man'

Price £5500.00

Harold Knight (1874 - 1961) Charcoal on Board.

'Portrait of Lily Poyser'

Price £1850.00

French Circa 1880. Oil on copper with raised gilded backgrounds.

'Stations of the Cross'

Price £15,000.00

Pierre Jean Edmond Castan 1817-1892 Oil on Panel

'The Billet Doux'

Price £3500.00

Sherree Valentine-Daines Born 1959

'Posing on the Chair'

Price £1850.00

William Hounsom Byles (1872 - 1924) Oil on Board

'Young Lady with Flowers'

Price £665.00

Henry John Hudson Oil on Canvas

‘Three Quarter Length Portrait of a Young lady in elegant floral pattern satin gown, standing beside a palm’

Price £7695.00

George Hall Neale Oil on panel

‘Two ladies resting on a sand dune’

Price £745.00

Edward Combes

‘Canobolas Mountain Range New South Wales’

Price £385.00

Selwyn Pekeur Oil on Board

'The V.I.P'

Price £425.00

A.H. Nordberg Oil on Canvas

'Beach Scene with Dunes'

Price £535.00

Sherree Valentine Daines Oil on Panel

'Royal Ascot'

Price £2250.00

John Maskell Oil on Canvas

'The Last Supper'

Price £2165.00

Rudolf Haybrook (1898 - 1965) Oil on Canvas Three quarter painting of a young woman

'Tia Pau'

Price £375.00

James Morey Hockey (1904 - 1990) Oil on canvas

'Portrait of Mrs Bouverie-Hoyton'

Price £1295.00

Hans Nickel (German) (1916 – 1987) Oil on canvas

'The Farrier'

Price £1695.00

Thorvald Hagbart Torgersen (1862 – 1943) Norwegian

'Two Young Girls Playing on a Grassy Bank'

Price £5950.00

George Smith RSA (1870 - 1934) Oil on board

'Carting Timber'

Price £4250.00

Head and shoulder portrait of Ginger Rogers 1911 - 1995

Price £260.00

Henry Arthur Bird (1909 - 2000) Oil on canvas

'Reclining Nude'

Price £1295.00

Miss Lind Anso Oil on canvas

'Reclining Nude Woman'

Price £465.00

J.Colin Angus (Australian) Oil on canvas.

‘Dusk in the Mitta Valley, Victoria’

Price £265.00

Oil on canvas laid to board ‘Arab Stallion’.

Indistinctly signed by Bahraini artist and dated 2001

Price £395.00

20th Century Watercolour and Gouache.

Ships portrait of Union Castle Line flagship R.M.S Windsor Castle

Price £395.00

John Terris  Watercolour.

‘Windsor Castle from the River’

Price £180.00

Lydia Kiernan oil on unframed canvas ‘Horses Heads with Blue’.

Signed and dated 2018

Price £1495.00

Francois Marjorel oil on canvas.

Reclining Nude

Price £1100

18th Century oil on relined canvas.

Unframed and in need of restoration

Price £280

F le Rosset oil on panel.

Children Playing on a beach

Price £2250

Charles Keith Miller Oil on Canvas 'Three master passing a lighthouse'

Price £1495.00

Wilhelm Trautschold (1815 - 1877) 'Three quarter length portrait of Edmund Knowles Muspratt and his sister Emma'

Price £7500.00

19th Century oil on canvas 'Bay Horse with Handler'

Price £1650.00

A.E.Adamson Pair of Watercolours 'Flowers' in fine quality gilt frames signed and dated 1848

Price £360.00 the pair

James Gorman (1931-2005) Acrylic on board 'Frantic Dance'. Signed and dated 1998 Exhibited at Royal Glasgow Institute 1998

Price £1895.00

Early 20th Century oil on board ‘The Barquetine Meda’

Price £465.00

William Lee Hankey (1869 – 1952 ) Oil on canvas ‘A Riviera Flower Market’

Price £9250.00

A.E. Hance Oil on Board ‘Reclining Nude’

Price £245.00

Sunday L Acrylic on canvas ‘Swish’

Price £560.00

Edmund Blair Leighton Oil on panel ‘La Belle Dame sans Merci’

Price £1650.00

Niren Sen Gupta Oil on canvas ‘The Princess and the Monk’

Price £1285.00

Niren Sen Gupta Oil on canvas ‘Moksha’

Price £1295.00

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